Electric Vehicles Provide a Greener Delivery Solution

news 17 Jul 2020

We’re adding a number of electric vehicles to your delivery and collection service across the UK.

The new vehicles are 100% electric. With an average range of 100 miles on just one charge, they suit our transport requirements in and around our towns and cities where Co2 reduction is essential.

Sunbelt Rentals Sales & Marketing Director, Dave Harris said “we are committed to investing in the latest innovative and sustainable equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

“We’re delighted to take delivery of these new electric vans, it’s a worthwhile investment for Sunbelt Rentals and also falls in-line with our long-term sustainability strategy.

The new vans offer zero emissions which helps us to reduce our environmental impact and support our customers to create a better, cleaner environment for all.

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