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Men’s Health Week

blog 13 Jun 2022

This week is Men’s Health Week. A global event that focuses on increasing awareness of the health problems men (and women) may have or could develop and encouraging them to do something about it.

The theme for this year focuses on stopping to give yourself an MOT. And the event encourages everyone to challenge yourselves to be healthier and more physically active, as well as considering what tweaks you could make to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as how we can better look after our mental health.

To get the conversation started, we took several Sunbelt Teammates out of the office and asked them to share some open conversations on health, as well as their opinions on the challenges they face in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside what can often be a demanding job.


So, this week we want to encourage everyone to stop and give themselves an MOT.

Take that little extra time for yourself and look out for those around you too.

A huge thank you to Teammates Phil Hindes, Sharon Caruthers, Adam Caulfield and Dave Harris for taking part in the videos and being so open and honest in their conversations.

If they can inspire just one person to finally book that visit to the doctor that they’ve been putting off or reach out to someone who needs that extra question beyond ‘are you ok?’

Then together we have achieved something amazing.

If you’d like to know more about Men’s Health Week, please visit

Time for your MOT | Men's Health Forum (menshealthforum.org.uk)

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