Watt a Way to Rebrand

news 27 Oct 2020

See how 13.5 tonnes of recycled uniform generated enough energy to power 128 homes.

When we changed to Sunbelt Rentals in June 2020, we wanted to minimise the impact of our rebrand on the environment.

Sunbelt Rentals Uniform

With years’ worth of old branded clothing and PPE across our network, we were determined to make sure that the amount sent to landfill was kept to a minimum. To do this we teamed up with our corporate work wear supply partner Streamline Corporate and located 20 recycling skips across the UK to collect old work wear.

Over four months we managed to collect 13,400kg of workwear that was then sent to be processed as ‘waste for energy’.

With the average house consuming approximately 28.9 KwH of energy a day and 1kg of waste creating between 17-22 mega joules of energy (equivalent to 0.278 KwH), we  have not only stopped this clothing going into landfill, but have also created enough energy to power approximately 128 homes for a day.

Infographic Old A-Plant PPE recycled as waste to energy creating enough energy to power 128 homes for a day

It is just one of a number of initiatives that we run in our quest to be more sustainable and responsible.

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