Why Robotic Cleaning Machines?

blog 09 Oct 2023

Companies of all kinds are discovering the advantages of robotic machines. From increased productivity to more efficient operations, these machines are providing organisations and employees with clear benefits.


Robotic cleaning machines offer practical advantages to facility managers, including increasing productivity, improving employee retention, and reducing accidents.

Having a robotic machine in the background enables your already hard-pressed team to get to all of the things they need to do.

With the help of robotic machines, cleaning crews work faster, assist more facilities, upgrade their level of service, and keep customers happy.

Robots also improve the safety of work environments by reducing accidents and mistakes due to human error.

How do robotic cleaning machines work?

An important point to note is that robotic floor scrubbers aren’t completely new machines. Industries like commercial cleaning teams have long relied on ride-on floor scrubbers to help keep their facilities clean. However, with the arrival of robotic floor scrubbers, they now have the chance to benefit from the advantages of best-in-class, AI-driven technology and sensors which enable autonomous cleaning. Instead of having to choose between cleaning performance and autonomous functionality, these machines can provide the best of both worlds, offering healthcare organisations a powerful way to keep their facilities clean and safe and ensuring they do not have to compromise on cleaning performance or autonomous functionality.

Control Panel

The advanced user interface provides operators with an easy and intuitive way to access all the necessary functions of the robotic floor scrubber. With a few simple touches, operators can quickly program the machine to clean any kind of floor. And with the integrated training videos providing support on all common functions, such as teaching a route and selecting a route, they can easily learn how to operate the machine without any hassle.

Lidar Sensors

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors accurately scan the area in front of and to the sides of the machine for a wide range of potential obstacles.

Proven Scrubbing Technology/ Hardware

Most robotic floor scrubbers use the same proven hardware and technology to execute floor cleaning as that found in manually operated machines. This delivers proven floor cleaning performance.

AI Driven "Brain"

Introducing the AI-driven brain of our robotic floor scrubber! This powerful software platform processes real-time inputs from all the sensors to guide the machine safely and accurately while cleaning. It also serves as the interface between the machine and the robot trainer/operator, making it easier than ever to get the job done.

3D Cameras

3D cameras located on the front of the steering column allow the cleaning machine to perceive the environment around it and detect any potential safety hazards.

2D Cameras

Located on the sides of the machine, the 2D cameras identify the home markers that the robotic cleaning machine relies on to complete cleaning routes.

Are robotic cleaning machines right for your business?

For facility managers, robotic cleaning machines offer incredible advantages. From faster and more consistent cleaning to comprehensive performance tracking and improved branding, robotic machines are the way to go. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding if these machines are right for you. Make sure to consult an experienced partner to get a full assessment and determine the best robotic cleaning machine for your organisation.

We also offer flexible rental agreements for short and longer-term periods, so whatever your flooring cleaning needs, we have you covered. Find out how to make the most of your facility today and leave the how to us.

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