Fuel Changes 2022

Following the Government’s announcement to end tax rebated fuel for ‘off-road’ use we’re making plans to ensure a smooth transition for all our customers.

What’s happening?

To meet UK and global environmental targets and reduce carbon emissions, from the 1st April 2022 rebated fuels such as red diesel will no longer be available for use in most sectors. This includes the construction, highway maintenance and events industries.

Full details on the fuel policy reform and any exemptions can be found on the Governments website

Reform of red diesel and other rebated fuels entitlement - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

What fuel services do Sunbelt Rentals UK provide now?

At present we provide multiple types of fuel and accompanying services:

  • Our dedicated fuel team offers a managed fuel service and can arrange for delivery of red diesel, white diesel, kerosene, industrial heating oil or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to site, along with the supply and monitoring of fuel tanks.
  • While our network of depots offers an extensive hire fleet of static tanks and towable fuel bowsers, all of which can be provided with or without fuel. As well as ‘grab and go’ fuel cubes.
  • And all our equipment (with a combustion engine) can be hired with a full tank of fuel.

How are Sunbelt Rentals UK preparing for the changes?

  • Our entire hire fleet is already fully compatible with HVO fuel and white diesel.

It’s worth noting that HVO fuel can reduce carbon emissions by 90%. It is slightly more expensive than white diesel, but with the savings in carbon emissions mean it’s becoming increasingly popular with environmentally conscious companies.

  • Our fuel team will continue to provide a managed fuel service, focusing on HVO and white diesel, which can be delivered to your site along with a range of fuel tanks, which are monitored to ensure the appropriate fuel is used and topped up when needed.
  • Red diesel and red HVO will still be available for sectors and businesses that are exempt from the changes, and still eligible to use rebated fuel.
  • And our depots will be switching from red diesel fuel tanks to white diesel and HVO fuel tanks. So, all our equipment can be provided ready to go with fully compliant fuel.
  • We’ll continue to provide static tanks or towable bowsers, which can also be provided empty or filled with the appropriate fuel.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • We recommend that all businesses start preparing for the switch now, by running down stocks of rebated fuels such as red diesel or red HVO and allow for increased fuel costs from April 2022.
  • Our team is preparing to make the switch as easy as possible, so the only changes you need to make when hiring equipment or arranging for a managed fuel service is deciding which fuel you wish to use or consider a greener solution?

Switching to a Greener Solution

We have made extensive investments in equipment that offers a greener, lower carbon alternative to standard fuel powered models.

Some of the greatest savings in both cost and carbon reductions can be made by adopting one or more of our Greener Power Solutions. These include battery storage units, solar pods and energy management systems and we also offer a range of EV (Electric Vehicle) and EP (Electric Plant) charging solutions.

And we continue to offer the UKs largest hire fleet of stage V compliant equipment from telehandlers, excavators to generators and access equipment, along with the nations largest range of electric plant.

More information on our Greener Solutions can be found on our website Environmentally Friendly Solutions | Sunbelt Rentals

Or in our brochure that can be downloaded below:

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