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Newham University Hospital

Newham University Hospital is based in the heart of east London and serves one of Britain’s most diverse, fastest growing and youngest populations. The hospital offers a range of local services including a 24 hour Emergency Department, an Urgent Care Centre, a modern purpose built outpatient facility and care of the elderly unit. The hospital also houses the local stroke and TIA centre.

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Newham University Hospital
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Newham University Hospital, East London
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Climate Control 

Newham Hospital approached Sunbelt Rentals to provide temporary cooling solutions across the hospital’s estate including critical IT, surgical areas and specialist wards.


Newham Hospital comprises of several buildings in the Plaistow area, East London, each containing multi faceted departments. Many of these departments have individual and demanding requirements for temporary cooling during the summer months. Due to the complex nature of each department and the sometimes urgent need for cooling, it was vital that the hospitals supplier for temporary cooling understood the unique nature of the contract. Following a successful tender submission, Sunbelt Rentals were selected as the sole supplier of climate control equipment across the entirety of the hospital over a three year period.


With the support of the hospital, Sunbelt Rentals had a plan in place before the summer months to identify where equipment would be installed prior to the hot weather. This resulted in a high quality service level as all equipment had been delivered, installed and demonstrated on site before the need was present - enabling the hospital to be prepared for the summer months. The plan in place resulted in Sunbelt Rentals supplying climate control equipment to many of the wards within the hospital. An engineer conducted all required checks on the equipment regularly to ensure equipment was working correctly and efficiently, and to identify any anomalies before they became a problem. In the event that any of the existing cooling units failed, Sunbelt Rentals were able to quickly provide a system to replace the faulty units, keep the wards cool and comfortable.


During the three year contract with Newham University Hospital we have developed a close working relationship with the Estates team, ensuring all needs are met to a high standard.

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