Snow Hill Phase 3 Development

Birmingham’s Snow Hill development forms part of a 20-year, £600 million plan to help make the city a global finance hub, otherwise known as ‘Birmingham’s Canary Wharf’. Covering the Snow Hill and Colmore areas of the city, the Snow Hill development comprises the creation of two million square feet of new office space, plus changes to roads and a redevelopment of Snow Hill rail station - the main connection between Birmingham’s business district and London. The development provides a framework to create 10,000 new jobs and is a key regeneration site in Birmingham’s Big City Plan.

Phase 3 of the Snow Hill development comprises the construction of a new £90 million landmark city building known as Three Snowhill. It will provide 360,000 square feet of offices over 16 storeys, along with 40,000 square feet of leisure and retail space and parking areas. It will join neighbours One and Two Snowhill and is expected to be completed in early 2018 by BAM who have been awarded the contract to build Three Snowhill.

Customer Name
Project and Location
Birmingham’s Snow Hill development
84 weeks

The Challenge

This is a challenging construction scheme. Snowhill has premium quality clients and it demands a premium quality approach from its construction partners. Hoists were required for two different stages of the contract - the slipform phase and the fit-out phase - in order to safely transport people to heights of up to 150m.

The Solution

BAM called upon Sunbelt Rentals to provide a total of three hoists for this 84-week contract. Two 12/30 passenger and good hoists were used during the slipform phase. With a payload capacity of 1200kg and maximum lifting height of 150m, these hoists are able to transport up to 15 passengers. A larger hoist was provided for the fit-out phase, the 20/37 passenger and goods hoist which has a payload capacity of 2000kg and the capability to transport 25 passengers.

The Results

The hoists provided by Sunbelt Rentals are being used on-site to safely transport those working on the scheme. Three Snowhill is on schedule for completion in early 2018.

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