Laminated Heavy Duty Timber Trakway Panels for Hire

The Emtek Panel is a temporary access roadway system, specifically designed for use in boggy and extremely wet areas.

Supplied by Anthony Hardwood Composites, they are made from American hardwoods, stripped of natural defects like knots and wane for superior strength. Emtek Panels can support huge plant and construction vehicles in extreme conditions and are compatible with pneumatic tyred vehicles, tracked vehicles and pedestrians.

These heavy-duty ground protection panels are engineered to withstand the intensity of modern construction sites. Control of the density of raw materials during manufacturing gives the panels a hard, impact-resistant surface despite being much lighter than traditional hardwoods.

Unlike other panels, every Emtek Panel is proof loaded at the factory for deflection and strength. With compressive strength, the panels are designed to support 4123 psi on solid surfaces.

The laminating process used during manufacturing creates a composite structure that resists fracture and gives customers peace of mind that their equipment, site teams, and projects will not be compromised or unsafe.

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Suitable for: Unsuitable for:
Tracked vehicles Use as breaker panels on transmission sites
Boggy marshland Contaminated nuclear sites
Extremely heavy plant, vehicles and cranes  
Challenging terrains  
Creating turns  


Colour / Material Laminated wood
Weight 634kg
Length 2,390mm (Direction of Travel)
Width 3,700mm
Depth 89mm
Area 8.84m²

Download - Emtek Panels Specification Sheet

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As an industry leader in Trakway solutions, we prioritise the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Our products are specifically designed and produced with a focus on being eco-friendly and sustainable, which underscores our commitment to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability.

How We've Helped Our Customers

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to be the UK's leading provider of heavy-duty access solutions, including Emtek Panels. Our Emtek Panels are made from American hardwoods and are engineered to withstand the intensity of modern construction sites. They can support huge plant and construction vehicles in extreme conditions, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

To learn more about how Emtek Panels have been used in real-world projects, please visit one of the case studies below.

Balfour Beatty was appointed by National Grid to carry out the refurbishment of an overhead line running between Cottam and High Marnham near Newark in Nottinghamshire. In service since the mid 1960’s, essential refurbishment work was required to ensure that the line continues to provide a reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses in the area in the years to come.

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The Science Behind Our Trakway Service

As the UK's leading supplier of Trakway systems, we supply an engineered solution to allow safe passage across any terrain. Your Sunbelt Rentals contact will be a sector specific engineer, who has the technical equipment and expertise to eliminate risks and ensure your site is safe throughout the project.

For total assurance we conduct a site survey, including risk assessment and method statements. We'll assess site conditions, support and advise on the design of your temporary access requirements, and produce detailed site drawings along with specific documentation to support a safe installation plan.

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