Creamfields Festival

Temporarily constructed for 4 days of fun, just how do you make a festival like this happen? You choose expert partners who specialise in defining, designing, and delivering event solutions.

Customer Name
APL Events
Project and Location
Creamfields Festival, Cheshire
Products (Inc Quantity)

18km x Trakway

1km x Fortress Fencing

22km x Crowd Control Barriers

3km x Police Barriers

4km x Heras Fencing

3 x All-Terrain Forklifts

16 x Telehandlers

18 x Powered Access Machines


The Challenge

Creamfields is a festival like no other, the ultimate weekend of dance music drawing the biggest DJs from around the globe, and over 280,000 people are ready to dance like no one’s watching.

There are stages and structures bigger than aircraft hangers, mind-blowing light shows, catering, accommodation, and the all-important toilets! All temporarily constructed for 4 days of fun.

Everything must be seamless, organised, and polished, but most importantly, safe.

So, just how do you make a festival like this happen? Fields in Cheshire don’t just transform themselves. It takes a level of organisation most of us can’t comprehend. So, where do you start?

The Solution

Well, you choose expert partners who specialise in defining, designing, and delivering event solutions. And we at Sunbelt Rentals UK are proud to have been working with event teams like APL Events for many years.

Our involvement in Creamfields began months before, with the planning of the Trakway system, the absolute foundation of the infrastructure that literally paves the way for the event to happen.

The Trakway system is meticulously designed to allow safe movement for all traffic and the building of all structures around the site. The build begins just 4 weeks before the event opens, with 18km of Trakway laid in the space of a week. Now the rest of the site infrastructure can commence.

With the Trakway down, the perimeter fence can be erected, 8km of it in total, securing the site. With our team supplying and installing over 1km of fortress fencing.

Next, you need plant, and lots of it. Literally, tonnes of equipment must be moved around the site, while a range of access machines are required to build and rig up structures like the infamous Steel Yard, the mind-blowing Arc Stage, and the Warehouse, big enough to house several aircraft!

Working with event organisers, Sunbelt Rentals supplied a range of plant and access machines that can be called upon and utilised by the hundreds of different contractors on site. These are kept in a central site compound and booked out as and when required. It improves efficiency and maximises resources.

Then comes controlling the safe movement of over 70,000 people each day, across hundreds of acres.

Over 22km of barriers were supplied for just that. To control crowds on the way in, on the way out, to protect structures, and ensure a safe flow of pedestrian traffic around the site.

A week out from the event our team took a call to supply 4km of Heras fence panels, needed the next day, after another supplier was unable to deliver.

Within 12 hours over 1000 fence panels arrive on-site, delivered by our team.

Our customers’ challenges are our challenges, and their deadlines drive ours.

From the first Trakway panels being laid to the last panels being removed, our team was on-site 24/7, ready to respond when needed.

And it’s this ability to work as a team, delivering what you need, when and where you need it that sets Sunbelt Rentals apart from the competition.

We are one team and when something needs doing, we work together to make it happen and deliver specialist solutions for our customers every time.

Sunbelt Trakway were fantastic at Creamfields in 2021. They delivered ahead of schedule and were responsive and dynamic to any changes that had to occur. The management of the crews was second to none and made sure that they had everything that they needed to lay panels. Great work from Richard, Pete, Geoff and all the crews.
Phillip Ludford - Director, APL Events

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