Download Pilot Test Festival

The Download Pilot test festival was part of the second phase of the Government Event Research Programme and was held on 18th-20th June at Donington Park, Derbyshire. This 10,000-capacity event was a scaled down version of the usual 100,000 capacity. It was held as a three-day camping pilot for part of the ongoing research into the safe return of live music events.

Customer Name
Festival Republic
Project and Location
Donington Park, Derbyshire
Products (Inc Quantity)

GPS Survey Equipment, Heras Fencing, Police Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, Aluminium Trakway, Telehandlers, Forklift Truck, 45ft & 85ft Booms, Hybrid Tower Lights, Hand Sanitiser Stations, S400 Air Disinfectant Units, CCTV Unit


Ticket holders had to take a lateral flow test prior to travelling to the event and show the negative test result to be able to enter. A PCR test carried out 24 hours before attending the event and 5 days afterwards was also a crucial requirement for the event research data. This meant that once on site the festival goers did not have to wear face masks or social distance.

This event allowed researchers to gather data on transmission risk from the suspension of social distancing and face coverings over several consecutive days. This data will help to ensure that future events can go ahead safely.

The Challenge

As part of the second phase of the Events Research Programme, this event would provide the next level of attendance to events and festivals as there was a greater capacity than in the first phase of testing. Sunbelt Rentals needed to provide additional equipment to ensure that this was a safe event to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

Forming part of the second phase of the Government’s Events Research Programme, we were delighted to play our part in supporting Festival Republic at the Download Pilot test festival. We supplied various equipment and services through a consolidated approach, from COVID risk mitigation to the latest environmentally sensitive equipment, including Stage V plant equipment and our hybrid tower lights.
Graham Dames, Business Development Director, Sunbelt Rentals

The Solution

Sunbelt Rentals worked in partnership with Festival Republic by providing multiple services and equipment to the festival, from the initial site survey, planning and design, to organisation of logistics and any specialist requirements. The Sunbelt Rentals team was on standby throughout the duration of the festival in case of any issues.

Aluminium trakway was installed to provide ground protection for the staging and to allow safe access for vehicles.

Barriers and fencing were supplied to safely direct and control the 10,000 festival goers. In addition, we supplied Telehandlers and a Forklift Truck to assist with the build and de-rig of the event.

Sunbelt Rentals provided Booms to aid the production teams, including facilitating the rigging/lighting installations to the main stage, and Hybrid Tower Lights which were located at various remote locations to illuminate car parks, camping areas and other public areas.

Risk mitigation measures for Covid-19 were put in place, with hand  sanitiser units provided around the production spaces, along with S400 air disinfectant units.

This total solution enabled Sunbelt Rentals to provide a seamless service, ensuring the project was delivered responsibly, on time, in budget and delivered safely.





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