How we connected 4KM of pipe across the sea

Thermofuse Pipelines, a trusted power infrastructure company, was chosen to establish a seamless power exchange system between Pembroke, South Wales (UK), and Wexford, South Ireland. This project aimed to install high voltage underground cables, housed within protective ducts, enabling the UK and Ireland to draw power from each other as needed.

Beginning above ground, the cables traverse the seabed before resurfacing on the other side and connecting to substations. This integration with the main grid ensures efficient and reliable power distribution, while meeting the energy demands of both nations. This project is part of Greenlink, a vital subsea and underground electricity interconnector, considered one of Europe's most important energy infrastructure initiatives. Greenlink brings numerous advantages, including employment opportunities, enhanced energy security, and the seamless integration of low carbon energy sources on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Customer Name
Thermofuse Pipelines
Project and Location
Pembrokshire, S Wales
Sept 2022 - Mid 2023
Products (Inc Quantity)

Multiple products and services including:

Tracstar T500 + all accessories required to weld 355 PE pipe.

Welding container to protect welding equipment from weather.

The Challenge

Several challenges were encountered during the project, including:

Exposure to the elements: The project involved working in an environment exposed to various weather conditions, which required appropriate equipment and measures to ensure worker safety and the integrity of the cables.

Working inside a farmer's field: The project required navigating and working within a small field owned by a farmer. This necessitated careful planning and coordination to minimise disruptions and ensure the efficient installation of the cables.

Limited space for pipeline installation: The available field space posed a challenge for snaking the pipeline before tracking it to its final position. The restricted area required precise positioning and manoeuvring of equipment.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, we provided the necessary equipment, including the T500 Tracstar, facilitating butt fusion welding of the 355 O/D polyethylene pipe. This equipment also allowed for easy tracking of the ducts into their desired end position using a system of pipe rollers. Our expertise and equipment selection were driven by thorough site visits and continuous coordination with the project team.

The Result

The successful collaboration between Thermofuse Pipelines and Sunbelt Rentals resulted in the successful welding of cable ducts that would later be used for the installation of underground cables, marking a significant milestone in the development of the power exchange system between the UK and Ireland. This project plays vital role in the broader Greenlink initiative, benefiting both countries with enhanced energy connectivity and low-carbon energy integration. 

The service provided by Sunbelt Rentals from the start to finish was excellent, they appreciated the importance of the project and due to the remote location of the work they ensured we would be covered with support at every stage of the job. All deliveries were carried out without any delays and the equipment used was in very good condition. We had a key contact at Sunbelt for the duration of the project and this helped the work get delivered without any delays.
Paul Hurst, Managing Director, Thermofuse Pipelines
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