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The Bicycle, Transport That’s Good For You And Good For The Environment

blog 06 Jun 2022

World Bicycle Day celebrates the benefits of using a bicycle; a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation, that also contributes to cleaner air and less congestion.

The bicycle has been in use for over two centuries! And in that time, we’ve seen significant developments, but perhaps the most revolutionary change has come in the last decade with the introduction of the E-Bike.

The electronically assisted bike means longer distances are now more accessible by bicycle than ever before. Hills can be tackled with the push of a button, and now more than ever we can consider using a bicycle in place of taking the car, bus or a taxi!

So, to celebrate World Bicycle Day we sent out one of our Greener Champions, Dave Harris to test ride an E-Bike around the Preston ‘Guild Wheel’ Cycle Track with fellow Sunbelt Rentals Teammate and Double Olympic Cycling Champion, Phil Hindes.

And to see the true levelling powers of an E-Bike it was only fair to send our Olympic Champion out on his push bike…

At Sunbelt Rentals UK we’re committed to seeking out sustainable solutions that can promote cleaner air for all.

That’s why we’ve introduced E-Bikes to extensive fleet of rental equipment, offering a greener alternative to travelling around sites and events wherever there is suitable ground and safety measures in place.

And while E-Bikes are significantly more expensive than the humble push bike, the Department of Transport has committed £8million to support Cycling UK in trialling e-cycling schemes at five locations across the country during 2022-23 giving thousands of people access to trial this form of transport.

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