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Construction projects are our bread and butter. We can supply you with all the usual equipment you’d expect – plant, a site office, welfare facilities, generators, tools, lighting. You name it, we’ve absolutely got it. Fencing? Trakway? Utilities equipment? Traffic management solutions? Now you’re talking.


We are big fans of the latest tech - if there’s a new way of doing things, trust us, we will have been first in line.  Drones, laser-scanning, machine control, environmental monitoring. Faster, safer, leaner and greener – it’s the future. Right now our face-fit testing, and site safety teams are high in demand. Nothing is more important to us than safety. If it isn’t safe, we just won’t do it.


So, whatever you need, we’ve got it. Except cranes. But we can set you up an entire site compound with everything else in just a few days, with no fuss and even stay on site permanently if it suits you. If it’s good enough for the biggest and best construction projects in this country, we’re confident it will be enough for you. Get in touch and try us out!

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