Hydrogen Energy Summit

Sunbelt is the UK’s largest equipment rental company. It has over 190 Service Centres nationwide and a team of over 3,600 professionals delivering for each of its 30,000 customers each day.

This gives significant opportunity for the company to contribute and add value for all customers and the vast industries and sectors it operates within. The team prides itself on continuously building practices that engage, inspire and help communities and customers alike.


We are passionate about providing sustainable hire equipment and energy options into the construction and infrastructure market. We continuously seek ways to reduce our own carbon footprint, as well as playing a leading role in identifying best practice and reducing emissions within the industry. We take our environmental impact very seriously and are working hard to ensure we contribute to the Government’s 2050 zero carbon target.

We believe it is vital to collaborate with you, industry experts, and suppliers to drive changes that will reduce environmental impacts across our sectors.


We worked in partnership with Loughborough based Intelligent Energy, one of the world’s leading fuel cell engineering companies, to launch our inaugural Hydrogen Energy Summit in 2019.

We invited leading industry experts, suppliers and partners to the event to discuss how best to collaborate and tackle the growing demand for renewable energy sources in the construction market. We focused on how Hydrogen fuel cells can become an integral part of power provision developed as a sustainable fuel replacement for diesel.

Hydrogen fuel cell powered products are increasingly gaining traction as a viable alternative to diesel generators, particularly in the UK construction industry, as they emit zero emissions, operate quietly and offer scalable power.

The event combined a series of presentations and discussions, as well as a tour of Intelligent Energy’s facilities which showcased its commercially available fuel cell product range. In addition, TCP Ltd, AJC Easy Cabin and Stephill Generators demonstrated their award-winning fuel cell powered products, which ranged from portable lighting towers and generators to site welfare cabins.

Further demonstrations were conducted by H2 Tec, Fuel Cell Systems and the Knowledge Transfer Network addressing the Hydrogen ecosystem, engineering of the fuel cells as well as its safe handling. There was also an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences of the fuel source so far.


The Summit provided the platform for collaboration on important industry issues. Key stakeholders at the event worked together to help find solutions to bring products and services to market which will contribute significantly to the renewable energy sector.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is here and available now. Our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Modules are proving to be a viable alternative power source to diesel generators and can help the construction industry transition to zero emission power for a sustainable future, addressing environmental noise and air quality. They also provide an opportunity to both reduce operating costs and increase environmental performance compared with the use of traditional diesel generators.
Lee Juby, Chief Sales Officer at Intelligent Energy, said


We are proud to be at the forefront of these vital industry conversations. Through leading events like this the team ensure they are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and new ways of working which will help reduce its environmental impact.

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