Barriers In Situ At Cycling Event Infront Of A Crowd

Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain is the UK's largest professional bike race, featuring some of the biggest teams and top level athletes from around the world. The eight stage men's road cycling race took place between 5th -12th September 2021. The race took the peloton from Cornwall, through Wales and North East England before finishing in Scotland, covering a total of 1320km.

Project and Location
From Penzance to Aberdeen
10 days
Products (Inc Quantity)

266 x Concord Barriers, 1060 x Crowd Control Barriers, 12 x Red Pedestrian Gates, 120 x Mesh Fencing

The Challenge 

The event ran for eight consecutive days and it was important to ensure that delivery of equipment was kept to a strict timetable. Barriers and fencing had to be installed and recovered in a small window with road closure times minimised to reduce disruption to the local area. With multiple contractors working within a small area, equipment had to be installed in the correct order to maintain site fluidity. 

Sunbelt Rentals have a wide range of equipment and a real breadth of expertise so customers can rely on us to provide the right solutions at the right time.
Matt Barratt, Project Manager

The Solution 

Sunbelt Rentals provided the daily installation, maintenance and recovery of all barriers and fencing products to allow for safe and unimpeded passage of the riders and wider vehicle convoy.

For the perimeter of the hospitality and technical areas Sunbelt Rentals used Mesh Fencing, Crowd Control Barriers for general demarcation out on the course and Concord Barriers for the finish line.

Service has been absolutely fantastic for us because it is essential that we work as a team to get everything done together and its a really positive experience. Although we travel the whole country, we have the same team for the duration of the event. Sunbelt Rentals become part of our team and throughout the day we keep in touch to see what the progress is.
Rob Kennison, Finish Manager, SweetSpot Group Ltd


Sunbelt Rentals worked with SweetSpot Group for the duration of the event, where the team had the competence, skills and attitude to maintain performance throughout the week, regardless of long hours, inclement weather and difficult situations.


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