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Battery Storage Unit

Introduce a battery storage unit to create a hybrid power system

Battery Storage Units

Battery Storage Units (sometimes called Energy Storage Units) provide an excellent, sustainable alternative to having a diesel generator running 24 hours a day.

By introducing a Battery Storage Unit into your power solution, you can significantly reduce the runtime of your diesel generator, providing silent and efficient emission-free power.

They are ideal for use in noise sensitive locations such as schools and hospitals, or on sites next to residential locations where noise pollution must be controlled.


  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (CO2)
  • Reduce air pollutants (NOx, SOx & PM10/2.5)
  • Reduced fuel consumption and costs
  • Zero noise when battery unit is providing power
  • Ideal for overnight power requirements
  • Telemetry offers remote monitoring and enables you to track savings using the online dashboard
  • Uninterrupted power supply in direct inline applications
  • Reduced frequency in servicing
  • Power automatically switches between diesel and electric
  • 400/230V 50Hz 3Ø output, 45kVA

Battery Storage Unit

How do they work?

Battery Storage Units are designed to work alongside power sources such as fuel powered generators or main electricity supply creating an energy storage and hybrid power solution.

This energy storage system will reduce fuel consumption and costs, provide periods of silent power, as well as improving air quality and lower your carbon footprint.

Our Power team will configure your battery energy storage system to suit the application needs and requirements to ensure your site or power needs are catered for 24/7 in the most efficient and effective way.

The energy storage unit is smart enough to detect when power loads are low (ideal for overnight requirements), turning off the diesel generator and automatically transferring the load to the battery storage, providing silent, emission free energy.

The two systems work together in harmony to ensure that when a higher demand is detected, the load transfers back to the main generator, allowing the battery bank to then recharge.

And it’s fully loaded with telemetry so you can monitor in real time the performance, download reports anywhere in the world and action maintenance alerts that can be sent to you. This technology enables you to stay one step ahead of an issue that could potentially cause a power failure giving the site or power application additional resilience.

Battery Storage Units can be used in conjunction with HVO fuelled generators and our EcoLync to provide the Ultimate Greener Power Solutions in today's market.


1. How long does a Battery Storage Unit last?

The most common question to be asked is “how long will the unit last on a single charge?” The answer depends entirely on how fast the stored energy is used up. Power usage is not always steady so it’s difficult to be specific but, as a guide, this chart shows typical duration based on average power use as a percentage of rated output.

2. Can I use more than one Battery Storage Unit on my site?

Yes, the Battery Generators are ‘cascade ready’ so multiple units can be used together if required.

3. Can a Battery Storage Unit be integrated with other power sources besides Diesel Generators?

Yes, Battery Storage Units can work alongside other power products including Solar PVs to provide an even greener power solution.

Battery Storage Units can be combined with our EcoLync devices to offer advanced control and visibility of your power usage on site.  If you require silent power at fixed times please speak to a member of our team for more information on the EcoLync.

4. Can Battery Storage Units be used to charge Electric Vehicles?

Yes, they are compatible with EV charging solutions, speak to a member of the Sunbelt Power Team to find out more.


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