Save money and reduce emissions with our clean energy solutions

What is Clean Energy?

Historically, temporary power solutions have typically meant a fuel powered generator. But times and technology have moved on, and now there is a range of solutions that can be integrated into a temporary power solution to reduce not only your emissions, but significantly reduce running costs as well.

At Sunbelt Rentals, we’re continually researching and investing in the latest cleaner energy technologies and we’re proud to offer the UKs largest fleet of clean energy solutions.

From the UK’s largest fleet of Battery Storage Units (BSUs) and Energy Management Systems (EMSs) to solar arrays, EV charging solutions and Peak Power Support systems, our extensive range is ever growing - and so are the savings.

These carbon saving solutions are designed to integrate with more traditional power equipment such as generators, and when used in the right configuration on your site or at your event they are proven to reduce costs and emissions by up to 80%.

The cost reduction is achieved by not only reducing fuel consumption, but generators can often be downsized as energy is better managed and distributed on your site.

Our team of experts are always available to help identify the most effective green energy solution for your site.

Find out more about how to switch to a clean energy solution and the saving you could make on your site – download  The Ultimate Greener Energy Solution Graphic

Clean Energy General FAQs

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