Tracy Murphy - Scotland Powered Access Expert

news 01 Apr 2021

Get to know Sunbelt Rentals Scotland Powered Access expert Tracy Murphy on her experience within the Powered Access industry and what life at Sunbelt Rentals is really like. 

 How long have you been with Sunbelt Rentals?

"I worked at Hewden for around 18 years until we became part of A-Plant now Sunbelt Rentals."  

Where did you work before?

"Well I started my working career at Hewden. Joining the hire desk then working in purchase ledger and credit control until finding my feet in a sales based role.

As a sales rep I worked with Plant, Tools and Powered Access. I enjoyed meeting customers and getting to know which products worked best for them. So I’ve been in the industry a long time!"

How did you get into Powered Access?

"Originally I went into Powered Access for maternity cover and really enjoyed the technical side. I was lucky to be offered a job at the end of the cover.

I still really enjoy working in Powered access because you get to assess the situation and come up with a solution."

What’s been your biggest (work) challenge to date?

"Growing accounts is never easy but is very rewarding. I always endeavour to offer more than just our powered access equipment.

We have such a wide service offering I enjoy learning about our other products and services and being able to offer more solutions to our customers.
Tracy Murphy - Powered Access Expert


What’s your favourite thing about working for Sunbelt Rental


"We’ve have had a lot of support through the Covid-19 Pandemic. I feel I have a great deal of job security which I am grateful for."

Ok, so enough of the work chat now, can we find out a bit more about you? … What do you have for breakfast on a Sunday?

"My daughter gets a fry up on the weekend but I simply just like a bowl of cornflakes!"

What are your hobbies and passions? 

"Keeping fit, which at the moment is a lot of running with gyms being closed. But my main hobby has to be socialising! Which we haven’t been able to do much of! I can’t wait for a glass of wine with my friends."

If you can go on holiday anywhere in the world tomorrow where are you going?

 "I would to go to Dubai for the hot weather and to look at all the jewellery!"

When the pub opens – what’s the first thing you’re ordering?

 "It has to be my favourite cocktail, a French Martini!"


Tracy Murphy - Scotland Powered Access Expert

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