Our people are our greatest assets


Expertise, skills, passion and dedication drive all 4,000 of our people all over the country. That's why we are committed to ensuring the happiness of our colleagues through creating a safe, inclusive working environment where everyone can thrive. Investing in apprenticeships, mentoring, skills training and opportunities for all.


Our people journey begins with our recruitment process. We are an equal opportunities employer and our careers website handles our entire recruitment process. Enabling us to collect socio-economic statistics and shape our workforce to be representative of the communities in which we work.

We also work with several social enterprises to help encourage applications from diverse groups of people and geographic areas. 


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Our Case Studies

Preventing Construction Material Waste

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to have partnered with the Rebuild Site, a social enterprise dedicated to preventing surplus construction materials from becoming waste and instead putting them to good use.

Donation Drive Supporting Cash for Kids

Sunbelt Rentals has Regional Social Impact Committees (RSICs) spread across the UK and Ireland who target its social impact. They help the company deliver relevant, impactful and meaningful change to the communities it operates in, whilst harnessing the support and passions of local teammates, customers and partners.

Young People In Film & Tv Careers

Pinewood Studios hosted its ‘Futures Festival’ in November 2022 to inspire and educate young people about careers in the film and TV industry.

Supporting Poppyscotland

Poppyscotland has been providing vital support to current and former members of the Armed Forces, as well as their families since 1921. The charity delivers wide ranging and often life changing services for those they help. Its services are available all year round and include financial advice, housing, mobility, welfare and wellbeing, training, employment and much more.

Pioneering sustainable, neurodiverse-ready site cabins

In a first for the construction and infrastructure industry, working alongside Balfour Beatty, we have launched sustainable, neurodiverse-ready, Disability Discrimination Act compliant site cabins. Born through an idea within Balfour Beatty’s employee engagement programme, we were more than happy to turn this great idea into a reality and provide workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Ukrainian Refugee Donation Drive

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to have joined with like-minded industry peers to support the humanitarian effort for refugees from Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine began in February 2022 and saw over 10 million people flee the country to safety. This left millions of families homeless and struggling to access necessities such as clothing, food and shelter.

Chapter One Online Reading Programme

We have joined the global effort to improve literacy for all by partnering with the charity Innovations for Learning through their Chapter One programme. A significant focus of Our Planet sustainability plans is to help give young people the best start to life and a fair chance to build a great future.

The Recruitment Junction charity

From all our nationwide depots we actively reach out within local communities to find ways we can generate social impact, providing support where it is most needed. One of our focus areas is social equality and improving opportunity and equality for those who are reforming themselves and trying to transform their lives.

Mini Digger Unloading Dirt Into A Dumper On Patch Of Grass Worksite

Multiple Intelligence Hub

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to support young people across the UK. Whether it be getting an education, building a career or helping their mental and physical wellbeing, we are passionate about changing young lives for the better. It is also important that we make a difference where we operate and regularly work with our clients or industry partners to provide much needed support to smaller charities or causes near to our hundreds of depots nationwide.

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