King George’S Gate, Signal Park Man Looking Up At MEP Shoring System

King George's Gate, Signal Park

P Colohan & Co Ltd have started construction on the first phase of their development at Signal Park in Tolworth, South West London. Bringing this long empty site into use will provide hundreds of homes over coming years and make a huge difference to the community.

Customer Name
P Colohan & Co Ltd
Project and Location
King George's Gate, Signal Park, Tolworth, South West London
Products (Inc Quantity)

Mammut 350 and MEP, High Capacity Wall Framework System.

The 11-acre site of former government offices, and the famous Toby Jug pub, has been vacant for almost 20 years and is directly adjacent to Tolworth station. This new development will address housing need in the local area, with the first phase providing 211 homes and later phases providing a further 739 homes.

P Colohan’s scope on this scheme includes the groundworks, RC frame packages, and the hard landscaping works.


P Colohan & Co Ltd required equipment to support the formation of concrete slabs in a horizontal position, along with the moulds to create the columns for the main structure. The construction site is positioned between a railway line and a hectic city centre road. When delivering equipment to the site, the impact on the local residents needed to be kept to a minimum, and any disruption to the local community avoided.


After an initial site visit, a Sunbelt Rentals engineer provided a temporary works design and drawings to P Colohan & Co Ltd, which provided important information concerning the use of the equipment and where it should be positioned.

Sunbelt Rentals supplied an MEP shoring system for the project; this is a modular system that can support heavy loads and the construction of slabs and beams at any height. The MEP shoring system is lightweight and can be quickly dismantled with a single hammer blow; this releases the load from the prop so that it can be easily removed. Mammut 350, a large wall panel system, was also provided and was used to pour concrete to make the columns. 


P Colohan & Co Ltd chose this temporary formwork and falsework solution for the project due to its ease of use for supporting slab formwork and preparing for the concrete pour.

The built-in quick lowering system of the MEP Shoring towers allowed P Colohan & Co Ltd to quickly release the props and move them to the next area of the project. This was extremely beneficial to the customer from a productivity point of view.

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